Monday, January 30, 2017

Rev. Raymond Broshears Channels Lee Harvey Oswald

The following was originally published in the May 1968 issue of The Light of Understanding, a magazine published by Raymond Broshears, who was then living in Long Beach, California. It is reprinted exactly as it was written.


By Lee Harvey Oswald, as taken from the Akashic Records by the Right Reverend Raymond Broshears, D.D. (Bishop Broshears has spent time in New Orleans before the "suicide" of David Ferrie, from the Spirit World, Mr. Oswald has told Bishop Broshears what really happened in Dallas, November 22. )

"I raised my rifle to aim at the target, and I suddenly realized that the target was the President of my country, my president. I couldn't go through with it. When the motorcade came into sight, I dropped the rifle, I was wearing gloves, that accounts for the lack of fingerprints, and started to run, then Bill said "shoot the bastard or you'll be shot", I did not care, I just ran out of the Book Depository, and I then knew that others had hit him, I ran, I ran for my life, for that is what it was. I knew they would be after me, so I thought I would wait until dark, hide in a movie, yes, that's it in a movie, but then Tippett spotted me, I had seen him at the meetings, he was one of us, he was going to kill me, I knew it, I tried to hide, but he had seen me, I had to kill him. But it was too late, for they were closing in all about me, the police, and the "cell members", so I knew that my best chance was going to jail and tell all. But then, that fat fool Jack, he knew all the angles, he knew everyone, no one in the police paid him much attention, and when the I saw the guards parting, I knew that I had been "set up", for they didn't want me to talk, Jack fired, it hurt for a second, then it was over. But they think by killing me that it is over, that no one will ever find out the truth, but they will.  Remember, the gun dropped by me in the Depository had not been fired, and the DPD and the FBI did not even bother to check that part. But the guilty ones shall all be in light someday, Richard, Carlos, Kent, Terry, Clay, Bobby, Jerry, Don, and you too Tom, someday you all shall be known. David told enough to enough to "hang" you all." .........

 It was at this point contact with Oswald was broken, but he said that he would return once more, of course we do not know when. But I feel he has told enough now to erase many of the doubts surrounding the entire affair.

 One thing that was made clear was that "that man in New Orleans is a fool"

Rev. Raymond Broshears

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Thanks to the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco for allowing access to the Broshears papers.

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