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Rev. Ray Meets The Jolly Green Giant

 What follows is a re-typed version of newsletter that was put out by Raymond Broshears. Broshears is known by some as a witness in Jim Garrison's investigation into the JFK assassination, and to others as a gay rights activists in San Francisco.

 I have obtained a wealth of information on Broshears from the GLBT Historical Society of San Francisco - where Broshears' personal files are archived. I will be reprinting some of Broshears writings - the majority which has been unavailable in digital form - as a precursor to an article I am writing that will give an overview of Broshears connections to the JFK assassination, as well as a surprising connection to UFO researchers and new age groups.

 The information I have obtained will surprise - and probably displease - researchers into the JFK assassination, whatever their views may be.

 I will demonstrate absolutely that Broshears was in New Orleans at the time-period he said that he was, which is sure to irk some researchers who have claimed he was never there. I will also shed light an under-researched  connection between Broshears and another Garrison investigation subject that existed before Broshears went public with his claims.

 Although Broshears may have had some knowledge of the New Orleans underground, he was a man who loved the spotlight and often embellished his knowledge if he felt it was for a worthy cause. With that in mind, read the words of Raymond Broshears but caveat emptor; and please read the footnote at the end.

 Also note that both Broshears and Garrison are deceased so if you write to the address listed it is extremely unlikely that you will receive a reply.

 Also note for the most part I have reprinted Broshears writing as it was printed, creative punctuation and all. The only change I have made is to paragraph spacing.

-Tim Cridland

Jim Garrison A Voice For Truth 

August 1968

 Jim Garrison, District Attorney of New Orleans is leading fight for fight for JUSTICE in a "fear-ridden" land. He is as John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness, calling to the American conscience to awaken before it is too late. A President has been murdered, a U.S.  Senator, and a Civil Rights Leader have also been murdered, and the general American Public sets back and lets it all go by without blinking an eye.

 Mr. Garrison and his assistant James Alcock, and Andy Sciambra are all working to bring to light the most vile plot against America by "so called" American patriots.

 CIA moves rapidly to impede progress case as does the FBI and Secret Service. The INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT scores once more.

 Are you going to stand by and see "chains applied to you" and do nothing? Write your Congressmen, take action (non-violent), do not let your your freedom die without having at least  raised your voice.

 For his actions, the ESTABLISHMENT PRESS, have called Garrison every know evil thing there is. The PRESS is the EVIL ONE. For they do the bidding of the CIA.

 Inside is a view of New Orleans and Mr. Garrison by Rev. Raymond Broshears of Long Beach, California. He has witnessed first hand the the intrigue and dangers that go with telling the truth.


[End of page one].

ATTENTION: ATTENTION:  The graves you see at
the right, belong to those who where witnesses and principles in the case against Lee H. Oswald, and Jack Ruby. The fresher looking ones, were a part of the Garrison Probe into the MURDER OF JFK. I have been told my "spot" is reserved, by numerous "callers". And to them I say "go to hell".

 On an early July date, I appeared as a last minute replacement for the Rev. Elaine Chambers of the City of Light, Santa Fe, NM. on a Los Angeles television show. So as a result of that program, the above headlines later appeared in the August 9th LOS ANGELES FREE-PRESS. I did not and wish now this telecast had never been made, but you cannot hide a candle under a bushelbasket forever.

 Yes, as announced in the FREE-PRESS, I once was a "roomie" of David Ferrie. Yes, he had after several days, finally told to me, a strict unbeliever, that Oswald DID NOT kill JFK.

 David Ferrie, a man of great intelligence, and not the horrible creature as portrayed by many, was a man who refused to look at himself, for what he had allowed others to turn him into. Physically, he was not handsome, but he possessed a "mind" that few men ever have, for he had knowledge supreme. He had a weaknesses, and that weaknesses led to his being "blackmailed" into doing what he did and was doing at the time I knew him. Yes, to those who knew New Orleans in those days, Dixies and Lafietes In Exile were the places, and everyone who was everyone in the "H-Underground", sooner or later met at one of the two. Dixies is now gone, but many others have taken up the void.

 When the FREE-PRESS story broke, I was in New Orleans with Special Investigator for James Garrison, District Attorney, Mr. Steve Jaffee. I had gone to Orleans at the "insistence" of my own conscience and fellow ministers. I did not wish to go, for the very word Garrison, left a bad taste in my mouth. He had (according to the establishment press) persecuted many of my "fellow-beings", with whom I have great empathy and ties.

 I feared for my life (which later proved true), for I didn't trust Garrison or the U.S. government or Clay Shaw's friends. Jaffe arranged to make the trip as secret as possible, which it was.

 But now, after having met Jim Garrison, I am convinced that this is one of Americas truly great and sincere people. I trust Jim Garrison with my life. I was over whelming at the honesty and the simplicity at the District Attorneys Office. Mr. James Alcck, the assistant D.A. is a real "BRAIN", for having spent a couple of hours

[End of page 2]

with Alcock, I was convinced, in Light of what I had been told by David, that Garrison had the "goods" on Shaw. Later I met "Moo" Sciambra, a "French Quarter resident" also working on the case. And I met the Chief Investigator, a good cop, Mr. Louis Ivon. Ivon and Alcock are both articulate men, as is Mr. Garrison, whom I later met at his home, he having just had an operation.

  Mr. Garrison was not the "bad boogy man"  he has been portrayed to be. And he does not mince words. He says what is to be said, and looks you straight in the eye while he is talking to you.

 I tell you now, with Alcock or Mr. Garrison, I wouldn't want to have to be a defense witness, for they can "trip" you on one single little comma or period. These two men know what they are doing, and in the case of the assassination of President Kennedy, they are the only ones in America who are in the position to do it.

 While in New Orleans, I ran into old "cold flames" who didn't seem to pleased to see me. But the most shocking thing that I discovered while there, was the fact that the government had removed almost all trace of my ever having been in that city.  But they "slipped" up, and a couple of cards were found in various agencies, and gave light to the fact I was indeed in Orleans and that I had indeed been involved in the "underground' there.

 But, things were different now. David had been murdered. Kerry was not in Orleans, but in Tampa, Kerry, you know, the one whos picture was on the cover of Life with Lee Oswalds head super-imposed upon it. Kerry had the little spider like hands and arms and narrow hips, not Oswald, just ask his wife. [Please see the footnote at the end.]

 Cover-up, cover-up, that is the name of the game. Kill, kill, and kill again, all in Jesus Name and Name of God, pretending all the while that you are patriots saving America from the Communists, all the while you are planning to (and doing quite well) deprive the individual his rights and turn America into Orwell's Big Brother, 1984. TRUTH, that is the one thing the vast majority of Americans are afraid of. For as it is written, the TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE.

 Since the TV show, I have been evicted from one "good American place", and received numerous threats against my life, from those good ole patriots. Yes, it seems that the good ole patriots are the real danger to Americas freedom.  Minutemen, Neo-American Party, John Birch Society, Conservative Society of America, Sons of Liberty, these are the good ole Americans. GOD SAVE US FROM THE "GOOD OLE AMERICANS".

Well, I shan't say anymore on New Orleans or Mr. Garrison until called upon to do so. But I had been asked by numerous members to write my view on Mr. Garrison and associates and a thing or two about what I know. -30-

[End of page 3]

This SPECIAL ISSUE has been put out by the CHURCH OF GOD OF LIGHT, with the help of the following members: Rev. Foy... Rev. Raymond Broshears...Rev. T. Trapp Rev. Wm. Jordano...Rev. Robert Fierce, all of Long Beach.
 You may write the LIGHT of Understanding @ P.O. Box 1027, Long Beach 90801.
The budget of the New Orleans District Attorneys Office does not provide money for special investigations such as is being conducted into the Kennedy Assassination by Jim Garrison. For this reason, he can only continue his investigation as long as the public supports it financially.  IF YOU CARE ABOUT TRUTH, send please, a donation of any size to:  Jim Garrison Investigation Fund 2700 Tulane Avenue New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
REVEREND RAYMOND BROSHEARS SPEAKS: During the time in '68 I was in New Orleans. I found that many people who have dared to co-operate with Garrison had been subjected to great humiliation and harassment.  There are many, too many to mention.  But I do wish to thank the following persons for their kindness to me during this most trying period; Mr. Jim Garrison, Mr. James Alcock, Mr. Louis Ivon, Mr. "Moo" Sciambra, Detective Scali, Mrs. Barbara Ried, Miss Peggy Roddy, Roger @ the Finale, all of the wonderfuls at the Seven Seas and other places I went to. A special thanks to a little girl named Kelly, who wanted to "protect" me while in the Quarter. A very fine little girl.  May GOD guide and protect who are working on this case.////A special thanks to Mr. Mark Lane who came to my Long Beach home and enlightened me, and to Mr. Steve Jaffe who was my "bodyguard".////Thanks to the LOS ANGELES FREE-PRESS for being kind to me in regards to a a touchy subject.//// I ask all once more to pray for Jim Garrison and his associates, for now is the time to come to the aid of TRUTH.

[End of page 4/End of issue]

Footnote: Broshears repeatability made allegations against Kerry Thornley - another subject of the Garrison probe and a man best remembered as a founder of the spoof religion Discordianism. Author Adam Gorighly has written a biography of Thornley, as well a book detailing Garrison's investigation into Thornley. Gorighly has shown that Thornley was not in New Orleans at the time Broshears claimed to be in New Orleans. Broshears may have been Garrison's investigators information they wanted to hear in order to make his testimony seem more important - something that is common among informants of all kinds. Or it could be something stranger. This will be elaborated on in a future posting.

-Tim Cridland

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