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Raymond Broshears in a New Orleans Whirlwind

What follows is a re-typed version of newsletter that was put out by Raymond Broshears. Broshears is known by some as a witness in Jim Garrison's investigation into the JFK assassination, and to others as a gay rights activists in San Francisco.

 I have obtained a wealth of information on Broshears from the GLBT Historical Society of San Francisco - where Broshears' personal files are archived. I will be reprinting some of Broshears writings - the majority which has been unavailable in digital form - as a precursor to an article I am writing that will give an overview of Broshears connections to the JFK assassination, as well as a surprising connection to UFO researchers and new age groups.

 The information I have obtained will surprise - and probably displease - researchers into the JFK assassination, whatever their views may be.

 I will demonstrate absolutely that Broshears was in New Orleans at the time-period he said that he was, which is sure to irk some researchers who have claimed he was never there. I will also shed light an under-researched  connection between Broshears and another Garrison investigation subject that existed before Broshears went public with his claims.

 Although Broshears may have had some knowledge of the New Orleans underground, he was a man who loved the spotlight and often embellished his knowledge if he felt it was for a worthy cause. With that in mind, read the words of Raymond Broshears but caveat emptor.

 Also note for the most part I have reprinted Broshears writing as it was printed, creative punctuation and all. The only change I have made is to paragraph spacing.

--Tim Cridland

From The Light of Understanding
Vol.2 #12 September 1968 page 5

Uncredited, but presumably by Raymond Broshears, as evident by the subject matter and the writing style.


The District Attorney of the "Crescent City" is a man who is "courting" death, because he is a man who dared to shine light into the dark and dangerous celler of the "radical rightists" who have successfully thus far, deprived America of three of it's great leaders.  America now, because of these assassinations now lacks a man who can unify the nation.

 Jim Garrison is an "articulate" man, and a man who is not a afraid of anyone, at least that is the appearance he gives forth with. But, how long can the radicals who have seized control of the CIA allow him to walk this earth speaking?  How long will the "cover-up" men, the F.B.I., allow him to continue to wipe the fantastic white-wash of the Warren Commission Report?  Jim Garrison himself I am sure knows that they are not allowing it at all, and have set in motion the wheels to "help" him on his way, HIS WAY OUT.

 Yes, his way out of either; LIFE or the office of District Attorney.  It has been learned through reliable sources at The LIGHT, the wealthy oilman, Kent Courtney and Company, are now mapping out a "master-plan" for defeat with millions of dollars if deemed as necessary, to defeat Mr. Garrison in his re-election bid in '69.

 The "rumor-mongers" have called him all of the following at one time or another; insane-lunatic...gangster...homosexual...(thats a laugh,  has a very beautiful wife and FIVE children)...embezzler...(of what?)...dope addict...!  Hell. thats enough, I don't know of any one man that has been slandered and defamed as much as James Garrison.

  According to some of the ultra-conservatives, LBJ and Abe Fortas are far more acceptable than Garrison as District Attorney.  And for the "deep south" thats going some. Those "GOOD OLE AMERICAN PATRIOTS", the ones who wrap themselves in the American flag, hold a Bible in the left hand and a gun in the right hand, are the ones the United States really has to worry about.

 An attempt upon the life of Mr. Garrison is more than a reality for nothing is too far out to imagine today.  The C.I.A. and Company recently shot down an Ambassador to Guatemala. He was getting a bit too curious about the activities of the "advisors" we had there, and at the strange goings ons with some of the members of the Peace Corps. Let us be real! The President has been murdered and it was whitewashed, so anything is possible.

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