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Broshears: After The Shaw Trial

Three Articles by Raymond Broshears From After The Trial of Clay Shaw

From the Berkeley Barb Dec. 1971
What follows is a re-typed version of newsletter that was put out by Raymond Broshears. Broshears is known by some as a witness in Jim Garrison's investigation into the JFK assassination, and to others as a gay rights activists in San Francisco.

 I have obtained a wealth of information on Broshears from the GLBT Historical Society of San Francisco - where Broshears' personal files are archived. I will be reprinting some of Broshears writings - the majority which has been unavailable in digital form - as a precursor to an article I am writing that will give an overview of Broshears connections to the JFK assassination, as well as a surprising connection to UFO researchers and new age groups.

 The information I have obtained will surprise - and probably displease - researchers into the JFK assassination, whatever their views may be.

 I will demonstrate absolutely that Broshears was in New Orleans at the time-period he said that he was, which is sure to irk some researchers who have claimed he was never there. I will also shed light an under-researched  connection between Broshears and another Garrison investigation subject that existed before Broshears went public with his claims.

 Although Broshears may have had some knowledge of the New Orleans underground, he was a man who loved the spotlight and often embellished his knowledge if he felt it was for a worthy cause. With that in mind, read the words of Raymond Broshears but caveat emptor.

 Also note for the most part I have reprinted Broshears writing as it was printed, creative punctuation and all. The only change I have made is to paragraph spacing.

--Tim Cridland

 From Light of Understanding  
      Vol. 4 #2 Dec. 1969 


San Francisco (LPS) On Thanksgiving Day in this city, the Reverend Raymond Broshears at a press conference held at St. Timothy's Church of God following the service nearby, spoke of the recent election victory by New Orleans District Attorney, James Garrison.

"It is no mere coincidence that after vast monies spent to defeat Garrison in his bid for re-election, that the CIA and "others" saw that the People would return him to office that the F.B.I. picked up two people whom I have said for years, and know to be directly involved with principles all throughout Garrison's case against the Warren Commission Report of the murder of President Kennedy."

 When asked the names, the Reverend stated that he was given these names to Garrison when in New Orleans in 1968 after being subpoenaed to testify that he knew David and his associates, "I told Mr. Garrison at that time that Richard Lauchli of Collinsville, Illinois, and Robert DePugh of Narbonne, Missouri were two of the persons were two of the persons whom Ferrie stated supplied arms and ammunition for him to fly to Guatemala and Honduras. At the time Mr. Garrison did not seem to be to interested, but I am sure now, when the chips are really down, and all that he has left is the perjury trial of Clay Shaw, that now wishes he had subpoenaed them."

 "I still laugh, not in humor who, at all of the trust he placed in his assistant DA, Andy Sciambra, he being the one who came up with the "star" witness, Perry R. Russo. At the time I told Mr. Alcock, another assistant, that Russo had to be a fraud, and that Sciambra, who would not let me talk with Russo at the time, and kept insisting that Russo knew Ferrie, while I knew at no time did Ferrie ever mention Russo, and if he was as important as Sciambra claimed, he would have mentioned his name."
The next two articles - also from issues of Broshears' Light of Understanding newsletter - are missing date and issue information. The contents of the articles show that the first was written after Garrison dropped a perjury charge against Shaw (May 1971) and the second was written after an charges of taking kickbacks were made against Garrison (June 1971).

 The exact dates and issue numbers were lost while traveling but will be added when the information is recovered.


From Light of Understanding  
      Vol.?  #? 1971

by Reverend Raymond Broshears

Jim Garrison, a man of good intentions and a man on the right track, who unfortunately took detours which led to the destruction of his investigation into the murder of President Kennedy, has called a halt to his prosecution of Clay Shaw, a prominent New Orleans businessman.

  Big Jim can only blame himself for his failures, for the persecution of Clay Shaw was one of the detours that he took, which detracted from very real evidence that he had uncovered. And when he "went off the deep end" on Shaw, he thus destroyed the credibility of the very true evidence that he had uncovered [1]. JFK's soul cannot rest in peace, but now, maybe, Mr. Clay Shaw can find some earthly rest.

 David Ferrie was a very warm and real person, although very misguided. He trusted one of Big Jim's investigators, which many believed lead to his death. David was most certainly a central figure in the murder of JFK, far more than Big Jim cared to believe, which too was a grave error in his case[2]. He built his case against someone who was guilty of knowing someone, many someones, all who figured in the murder plot. But Big Jim has a hate a real hate within him that caused him to lose out all the way round, that being his hate for homosexuals[3]. So, when he had real evidence he lost it in hate.  and lost truth about the murder of JFK.

[1] Seeing has Garrison was only able to prosecute within his jurisdiction, and other, stronger, suspects where already dead - David Ferrie and Guy Banister - one wonders how Broshears thought Garrison should have proceeded.

[2] Note that Garrison was criticized for his hyperbolic statement that Ferrie was "One of history's most important individuals." 

[3] Here Broshears does a complete 180 on statements he made about Garrison's attitude about homosexuals, including one he published in a previous article in Light of Understanding -
From Light of Understanding  
      Vol.?  #? 1971

U.S. GOVERNMENT "Gets" Big Jim!

by Reverend Raymond Broshears

 Well, the Federal Government has at last "made" a way to prosecute Jim Garrison, the Southern Baptist District Attorney of New Orleans, who was the only lawman in all of Amerika with guts enough to challenge and investigate the Warren Commission "whitewash"  of the murder of John F. Kennedy.

 Yes, it appears that all the jackasses that New Orleans has, are now braying all over the place that Garrison is a crook, and of course the the Madison Avenue news media, so firmly controlled by the C.I.A., has been in a steady campaign to make Garrison to appear as a "mentality ill" person for years, but that did not slow down his investigation (which he unfortunately conducted with a "hell and fire-brimstone ruthlessness") of the murder of the President.

 U.S. Attorney Gallinghouse, who has had several closed and hush hush meetings with Clay Shaw, the New Orleans businessman that Big Jim accused of being directly involved in the plot to kill JFK.

 Shaw, a real "biggie" in C.I.A circles, was never involved in the plot as was charged by Garrison, but was a most definite link with many of those who were involved. Lee Harvey Oswald, Bishop David Ferrie (Old Catholic Church prelate, consecrated by a Bishop who was consecrated by the same one who consecrated "Bishop" Michael Itkin of San Francisco. Itkin was charged recently by a Virginia Cleric as being associated with Ferrie, and this is NOT true, and was denied by Itkin in due course. The Virginia Cleric has since admitted was "mistaken", but refused to send an apology to Itkin.) Bishop Ferrie a former room-mate of the Reverend Ray Broshears, was very much involved in the association plot, which you can bet your life on. But Clay Shaw could have saved himself alot of grief if he had only took the witnesses stand and "thrown his CIA friends into the quicksand of intrigue where they belonged", but instead, made himself look guilty by refusing to answer questions that were an integral part of the Garrison investigation. Shaw was "persecuted" by Garrison, of that there is no doubt, but he he could have cleared himself and good name by not allowing the CIA to "use" him any longer.

 One of San Francisco's "elite" queens flew to New Orleans to meet with Gervais and Gallinghouse about five months ago. The purpose of the meeting?, to frame Jim Garrison. It has worked so far, but Garrison will never be convicted of taking a meager $1,500 a month in "kickback" money. Common sense tells the biggest jackass, that Garrison was in the position to take bribes into the tens of thousands of dollars monthly if he was going that route, but never for a paltry $1,500 a month. And another big plus, is that Garrison has been a ruthless prosecutor of the gaming rackets since becoming District Attorney, and another thing, he is extremely religious. Yes, common sense tells anyone that Jim Garrison is not guilty as charged Attorney General John Mitchell, but is guilty of daring to allude that Lyndon Baines Johnson had something to do with the murder of JFK.

 What we must ask of each of you is , how long are you going to allow the government to "frame" peoples, and build it's case in the press, ala Madison Avenue? As Jack Minnis editor of the NOLA EXPRESS stated, the scene from Alice in Wonderland is most appropriate; "Now for the evidence" said the King, "and then the sentence." "No!" said the Queen(s), "first the sentence, and then the evidence!" "Nonsense!" cried Alice, so loudly that everybody jumped, "the idea of having a sentence first!" "Hold you tongue!" said the Queen(s).

In the above article, written before the outcome of the case against Garrison, Broshears was correct, at least in regards to Garrison being set up. The main witness against Garrison admitted to a New Orleans newspaper to having fabricated the charges and Garrison was found not guilty. You can read the details HERE and in the book Destiny Betrayed and Garrison's On The Trail of the Assassins.

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